Blind Man Talking

According to this story in the high profile Steven DeMocker case, "In a written order, Judge Michael Bluff, writing for [Judge] Darrow, said 'extraordinary circumstances exist and that delay is indispensable to the interests of justice.'"

Interest of justice?

Spiritually speaking, it would have been better if Judge Bluff had never mentioned the word "justice." Unless he's repented from his earlier sin, he's even worse off than before. For now that he claims he knows what justice is, now that he claims he can see, his guilt remains.

Even though there's some question about why Judge Bluff is writing for Judge Darrow (developing story - if you have input, please send a comment. You can remain anonymous), I submit Judge Bluff made the right decision here in the DeMocker case only because there's so much light shining on him. Wait until no one is looking and see what happens.

Liberals and "Gay-dar"

As a little more background before we get started, you should know that Judge Bluff was appointed by Governor Napolitano in 2008.

Have you seen the the funny youtube video about Napolitano? Especially poignant is how she reversed her position on the Border fence as Governor after becoming head of Homeland InSecurity.

And recently, in January 2011, the Chief Justice of the Arizona Supreme Court, Rebecca White Berch, appointed Michael R. Bluff as Associate Presiding Judge for Yavapai County.

There's a "knock, knock" joke/pun here that only one person in the world would get. IF she's reading this.

I warned you about Yavapai County.

Now, what do both these two women have in common, hmmm? I guess the title for this post gives it away. They are both First Class Liberals. (Maybe "flaming?")

Now, why do you suppose Liberals would put a Republican like Judge Bluff in office? Napolitano also appointed the former judge hinson, who also claimed to be a Republican. You've seen how that worked out.

I submit that Liberals, like homosexuals, have a sort of "Gay-dar," where they can tell which Republicans are really Liberals.

Liberals tend to be lawless. Remember that and what's to follow when Judge Bluff's election time rolls around.


Judge Bluff (Superior Court, Yavapai County, Arizona) seems like a nice enough guy. I attended parts of his first ever jury trial at the old court building in Camp Verde and thought he was even-tempered and thoughtful. I watched for a few days, and watched attorneys wrestle with him, one even saying "No offense, nothing personal" when challenging one of Judge Bluff's earlier rulings. To which Judge Bluff quickly responded, "No offense taken." And I believed him.

It's really too bad that jurors are prevented from watching the back and forth here and seeing a lot of truth go by. I guess the courts think we're too stupid and might be biased by seeing too much truth.

I wasn't there to see what instructions he finally gave the jury (part of the debate above), but in the end, the jury got it right and gave the right verdict.

I saw him another time, about a year later, bending over backward for an elderly lady who was late for a hearing due to severe weather that day. (Icy roads.) Technically, Judge Bluff could have found against the lady for a no-show, but he showed mercy that day and worked her matter back into his schedule, asking another party if he could break their hearing for a few minutes to deal with her.

Apparently an avid fisherman (he went to Alaska to fish on one of his vacations), Judge Bluff seems to be an all around good guy, a jovial fellow. And he appears fair.

But appearances can be deceiving. I mean, if a bad guy came at you looking like a bad guy, he'd be easy to spot and you wouldn't elect him as judge. The truest measure of character is what you do when no one is looking. We will show here what Judge Bluff did when no one was looking.

To set the stage, let me ask you a question: If you break a vow—be it a wedding vow or an oath of office —and sell yourself for an unworthy cause, have you not prostituted yourself?

As the evidence will show, this is what Judge Bluff did.

Motive would be payback against a "troublemaker" citizen. (I guess you could say a member of the Tea Party before the Tea Party became popular.) Our citizen reported a colleague of Judge Bluff''s to the Commission on Judicial Conduct. That complaint resulted in that colleague resigning from office.

To add insult to injury, despite the requirement in the Code of Conduct, Judge Bluff failed to report gross misconduct by another colleague, the cheating judge, judge Mary Hamm.

Call it the GOBC in the judiciary.

And if Judge Bluff prostituted himself here, it's probable he's done elsewhere. But only when no one is looking.

Remember that when election time comes around. Don't let the nice guy smile fool you. He's really a devil.